Friday, April 17, 2015

The Horton House Daily: Week 15

Day 99:  I invited my college friends to come watch the first Grey's Anatomy and pretend we were in college again.  Lorie, Elise and Olivia came and I'm pretty sure we didn't hear a word of Greys.  We actually ended up watching Frozen.  Times have changed.
Day 100:  Barrett tested out of Early Intervention.  Patrick got a job offer.  And my hormone level finally dropped to normal (8 weeks after my miscarriage).  It was a good day for sure, filled with so many answered prayers.
Day 101:  Ally and I enjoyed a quiet night of tv after Barrett went to bed.
Day 102:  I forgot to take a good picture so I shared my love of journals.
Day 103:  I actually posted a video of Barrett saying "block"  because it sounds like a bad four letter work that begins with F.  Its hilarious.
Day 104:  I devoured some cookies and milk after Barrett went to bed.  I felt a little bad but not for long.

Day 105:  I went to the dentist and they sent me home with a balloon for Barrett.  He was so excited.  He insisted we take it with us the next day.

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