Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April Goals

Another month has passed.  I didn't do great with my goals this month.  I'm not happy with my lack of progress but I did a lot more socializing this month than I normally do so that's not necessarily a bad thing.
(Lets ignore the fact that I didn't crop this screen shot from my phone. K?)
I've done pretty good keeping up with my devotionals.  I've enjoyed that quiet time in the morning.  Patrick and I celebrated our 7th anniversary with dinner out.  I didn't get the pantry cleaned out.  We cleaned out the guest room enough to move the furniture from our room in.  Now its a disaster again.  I haven't really spent less time on facebook.  Patrick is on second shift so I spend a lot of time alone at night so I find myself scrolling through facebook several times in the evening.  So there are still a few things to work on but overall not a terrible month.
Clean out Pantry!  I've got to clean out and re-organize the pantry because Barrett can open the door now and I've got to move all the candy and stuff I don't want him to have up higher.  Play Outside!  The weather is finally beautiful out!  We've been trying to hit the park several times a week.  I want to start playing outside in the afternoons when Barrett wakes up from his nap.  He loves being outside.  Take Better Care of ME!  I'm not even talking losing weight (although I need to do that too).  I've been sick so many times this year and I think its a result of not taking care of myself.  I need to start eating better and exercising and maybe take some vitamins and make sure I'm getting enough sleep.  Clean Up Outside.  I need to clean up the deck and the yard and get it ready for us to enjoy.  Have another "NO SPEND" Month.  I've bought several things this month to get my wardrobe ready for spring and add in Easter stuff, I need a no spend month to recover.  I did it a few months ago and I really liked it.  So I'm going to try it again.  Work on Getting all of our Photos Organized.  I'm so behind on photos.  I should have been working on this each night while Patricks been working but I haven't.  I'm hoping to start to get caught up this month.
So, there's my monthly goals.  Hopefully I can knock them out this month.

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