Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Horton House Daily: Week 20

It's week 20.  WEEK 20!! 
Day 134:  We made an impromptu trip to the splash pad after work.  These two made a mud hole and had the best time. 
Day 135:  Barrett and I tagged along with Nana and Granddaddy to the beach for the weekend.  It was special getting to see my parents with Barrett at the beach. 
Day 136:  We went to eat at this place in downtown Panama City.  It's on a dock and they have sliding doors that are open and you can feed the fish.  There are no railings but Barrett had a blast.  I was a little nervous.
Day 137:  There's nothing sweeter than a sleeping beach baby.  He did so good napping on the beach.  I loved the cuddles and getting to read for a few hours.
Day 138:  We were sad to leave the beach but we were so happy to get home to Daddy.  Barrett traveled so easily.  We didn't even have to break out Mickey Mouse in the car.

Day 139:  The boys went to bed early and I got to watch the DWTS finale.
Day 140:  Barrett celebrated the end of the year at MDO.  (He'll still be going this summer but not all the kids will so they had a little celebration).  I love this picture of him. 
I can't believe we are almost half way through this year. 

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