Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Our First Trip to the ER

Yesterday I got a call from school that Barrett fell and busted his chin.  They thought he might need a stitch or two.  Lets back up to Saturday while we were in Tuscaloosa, I'm not sure how we got on the subject but I was saying how my parents never had to take any of us to the emergency room.  My sister had stitches once but we never had any broken bones or any reasons to go to the emergency room.  So I get the call from school and I call Patrick to meet me at school and then I call his pediatrician to see what we should do.   Thankfully when I got to school to pick him up they already had him cleaned up and he was just sitting there like he was in shock.  Which scared me because they said he didn't cry or anything.  They only reason they knew anything happened was all the blood.  She just kept saying "there was so much blood."  The pediatrician's office said if it looked like it needed to be stitched we would have to take him to Children's ER.  So that's where we headed. 

We got there and almost immediately they had us back in the triage room to assess him.  He did so great except he didn't want to stand on the scale.
They sent us to a room and a resident who made Dougie Howser look old came in and looked at it.  He said he thought if anything maybe one stitch but the doctor would come in a look and we'd go from there.  Everyone was so nice.  The doctor came in and said it was fine.  No need to stitch, so the resident put some (probably $300) Neosporin and a techno colored bandaid on it and we were on our way.  They did make sure he could chew and there was no damage to his jaw before we left.  We were in and out in a little over an hour. 
He keeps telling us he fell down and hurt his face.  Hopefully he learns to be a little more careful.  and I'm going to be a more careful before I brag about our lack of ER trips too.

He got lots of snuggles.  His daddy was loving it.

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