Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Mother's Day

We started our Mother's Day celebration a little early.  We usually spend actual Mother's Day with our moms so Patrick took us to eat Mexican (my favorite) Friday evening to celebrate with our little family.
It's the first time we've all eaten Mexican ever as family I think and Barrett was a fan of the cheese dip.  He was so cute and so sweet.
Sister slept through most of dinner but I had to get their picture when we got home in their matching outfits.  I'm a sucker for a sibling set.

Saturday morning Barrett asked to make pancakes for breakfast.  So he helped and we had yummy pancakes.  We worked around the house all day.  Saturday night Patrick's parents kept the kids and we went to a birthday party for Patrick's friend.  It was a lot of fun to have some adult time and the kids had a blast with their grandparents.

Sunday morning we got up and got ready for church.  Barrett was not happy to have his picture made.  I love these babies so, so much.  I am so thankful for them.

Trying to get a picture of my mom with her grandkids.  Once again Barrett wasn't thrilled to have his picture made.

We were so excited to see John, Hope and Madelyn.  I grabbed her the minute they walked in so I could make sure I got to hold her.  She's changed so much since we saw her last.  She is just the sweetest!  I love that they have each other.  It's so fun getting to see them together.

She was over picture time but I still love this picture. 

This Mother's day was so full of mixed emotion for me.  Friday morning a friend lost her 3 week old baby.  It is heart breaking.  I've been friends with this family for years.  I'm very close to her sister and she has a baby a few weeks older than AveryAnn.  We were both so excited to get to have babies together and also that our babies were going to have cousins growing up so close in age.  My heart breaks for them every time I look at my baby and every time I see these cousins together because I know they were so excited for the same reasons.  Please say a prayer for all the mommies missing babies, especially this sweet family.

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