Monday, May 2, 2016


Confession...  I used to hate Sundays.  

For years I've gotten up every Sunday morning and either gone to Mass by myself or taken Barrett by myself.  For years Patrick worked on Sunday.  It's just the nature of the line of work he's in.  Granted I was rarely alone when I got there.  I usually had had least one family member there to sit with but I still longed for my little family to be there together.

It never bothered me to go to church alone before I was married.  After we had Barrett it was not as easy for me to go alone and I remember being very bitter that Patrick couldn't or wouldn't go with us. I was bitter when I saw all the young families together.  I would lash out at him every Sunday when I got home.  Then I would be mad at myself for acting out. I would blame him for ruining the day when in reality it was my attitude that ruined the day.  I tried so hard not to be bitter but I failed miserably. 

Patrick finally has a job where he is off most every Sunday and he's not so physically exhausted that he has gone with us every Sunday that we've been back with AveryAnn except the one he had to work. It has been so fun getting to go to church together.  

I'm starting to love Sundays again.  I love going together as a family.  I love that my kids are growing up with their daddy going with us to Mass.  My dad rarely went with us and I don't want that for my kids.  Patrick isn't Catholic.  I know it can be a little uncomfortable but I'm so thankful he finally realizes how important this it to me.  I've prayed for years for this.  I've thanked God everyday for answering this prayer.  I pray everyday for other young spouses and parents doing the Sunday routine alone.  I pray they're not bitter like I was, I pray that they don't have to do it alone much longer. 
Don't get me wrong it's still a struggle most Sunday mornings to get us out the door.  We will probably always have at least one heated discussion before we leave the driveway. But I'm so thankful for the effort we both make to get there.  
Keep praying!  He's listening, He hears you.

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