Thursday, December 29, 2016

AveryAnn's First Christmas

We had the best time celebrating AveryAnn's first Christmas this year. 
I think she had more fun than this picture portrays.
We went to Christmas Eve Mass as a family.  Although I spent most of the night in the back because AveryAnn wanted to talk.  After Mass Patrick went back home to finish working in Santa's workshop, the kids and I went to my parents house.  We left there and rode around looking at Christmas lights until Barrett fell asleep in the car. 

Santa came and we were so excited!
Santa worked overtime to make this happen.  He had a lot of help from friends and family.  Barrett was so excited, so it made it all worth it.
This sweet girl woke up first and she was so sweet! 

Matching pj picture with Ally Bama.

Barrett's smile might be my favorite thing about all these pictures. 
9th family picture in front of the tree.  These pictures make me so happy!  I love seeing how our family has grown and changed.

We put AveryAnn down for a nap and headed back outside to play some more.  Barrett played for about 30 minutes until he decided it was too hot and he needed some shade.  It was unseasonably warm.

When AveryAnn woke up we headed to my parents house to celebrate with them. 
For my parents we all went in together and gave them the gift of a family picture.  Back in October we hired a photographer and then had a big canvas made for them.  I think they really liked it. 
After we finished with Christmas we had cake for Barrett's birthday.

He wanted a Transformers cake and since I never ordered one, my dad ran and grabbed a white cake and I put a couple of the new Transformers on it.  He thought it was great.

Mom and dad wanted a picture with all the grandkids.  This was as good as it gets.
We left there and headed home to regroup before we went to the Horton's for dinner.
I love this picture of Patrick's parents and the kids.  I usually forget to take my camera to their house but I'm so glad I remembered this year.  We had a delicious dinner and wonderful night celebrating with them also.
It was a fun day celebrating with our families.  This is this the first year that Barrett really realized it was his birthday.  With two kids its a little more difficult to make the day all about him.  I know we'll figure it all out.  On the 26th I had to take my phone to the apple store so I decided to take Barrett to see a movie.  It was a fun day just the two of us and I think we might have to make that our new tradition. 

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