Monday, December 5, 2016

AveryAnn's First Thanksgiving & The rest of the weekend

I actually got my real camera out for Thanksgiving.  I've been so mad at myself for not taking more pictures of AveryAnn with my real camera.  (I'm even more upset that a lot of the pictures I've uploaded to my blog from my phone are no longer there.  Hopefully there's a solution for this.)
Anyway, I tried to get some pictures but I'm way out of practice. 
For lunch we went to my Grandmother's house.  It was a beautiful day so after we ate, we sat outside and let the kids play.   

AveryAnn just wanted to eat leaves.

But she was so cute while doing it.

Sweet Madelyn.

These two are starting to interact more and more and it is so sweet.  We don't get to spend nearly enough time together.

Barrett just wanted to jump in the leaves.

My Grandmother kept raking them up and Barrett jumped right in.  He had the best time.

We went to Patrick's parents house for dinner and had a nice time there too.  His mom always makes a feast and we all eat until we can't move and then it's time for dessert and we're really hurting by the time we leave. 
Friday, was the release of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.  I was so excited for this but it was also the annual Maxwell Family kickball game.  So we headed to my brothers house to play kickball.  My team won one game and lost one.  After kickball we came home and I watched all 4 episodes of Gilmore Girls.  It was so nice to spend the evening in Stars Hollow. 

Saturday, Patrick and I got up bright and early to go to the Iron Bowl.  We've never been to a college football game together and we were fortunate enough to get tickets so we went.  It was a fun day!
Sunday we went to church.  After church we came home and my sister came over and we watched Gilmore Girls again.  It was the perfect ending to the weekend. 

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