Sunday, April 23, 2017

All American Weekend

We've had a long, busy weekend and it's been so much fun!
Friday night, Barrett had a game and he had quite the fan club.  That's one perk to a big family.  My older brother and his 4 kids have been coming to all the games along with my parents and Patrick's parents.  This week my sister and her husband got to come too.  So counting Patrick and me there were 13 people there to watch him.  Ragball is so much fun.  We were in the field first and the first four balls came right to Barrett.  He was so proud.  I love seeing how much they've improved in just a few short weeks.
  The Magnolia Festival carnival was going on and Barrett saw them setting it up on Monday and has asked everyday if we could go.  SO we promised we'd go after the game.  It was so crowded by the time we got there.  But they got to ride several rides and had the best time.  AveryAnn was a trooper the whole night.  It was already her bed time while we were at the ball park but she rallied and made it through the carnival.  She loved looking at all the lights and people watching.
Barrett asked at least once a day this week when he could ride the dizzy dinosaurs.  He was so happy to finally be riding them.
She slept until 10:30 Saturday morning to make up for the late bedtime.  Saturday we went to Patrick's nephew, Nathan's birthday party.  We had a nice time visiting with everyone.  We left AveryAnn with Patrick's parents because we had tickets to go to the Barons game with Jeremy, Jessica and Jackson.

The game was supposed to start at 6:30.  When we got near the stadium it was raining and lightening so we decided we'd go get something to eat first.  The radar didn't look promising and we really thought the game would be called.  We called and they said they were going to try to start at 7:20.  Well we somehow ended up at Chuck E Cheese.  I'm still not sure how this happened or why we let this happen.   

We let the boys play, ate our pizza and then decided to head back to the game.  It was already the 7th inning and the game was tied.  We'd already bought our tickets so we thought we might as well use them even if it was only two innings.  

Barrett insisted I carry him on my back.

They were so cute watching and playing. 

This was my first time at the new Regions Park and it's so nice.  We just did general admission and the boys loved being able to run and play on the grass.

Their personalities are so different but they are the best of friends.

The Barons hit a grandslam to go ahead in the 8th inning and brought home the "W". 

We sat and rocked waiting for them to shoot the human canon ball after the game.   Barrett was terrified it was going to be loud and Jackson ended up down right at the fence to watch it.  After the man was shot out and went flying both boys turned around and ran towards each other yelling, "DID YOU SEE THAT!!!"  like it was the coolest thing either of them had ever seen.  It was so funny.  After the game I asked Barrett what his favorite part was and he said "The shooting."

The top picture was done 10 years ago at my niece's birthday party.  We were so young.  The bottom two were Saturday night.  Time flies when you're having fun.

After another late night everyone slept late this morning and then the kids and I went to Mass.  We came home now we're relaxing and watching Trolls.  We had so much fun this weekend, I don't want it to end.  Although my kids definitely need to be in bed on time tonight. 

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