Sunday, April 2, 2017


 I didn't intend to not blog this month it just happened.  We haven't done anything exceptionally exciting but I still want to record the memories.
When we got home from the beach Patrick decided we needed a propane cook stand to do our own shrimp boils at home.  So he got one.  AveryAnn enjoyed the corn the most.

The pot he got is huge and I have laughed and laughed at him.

Barrett had Spring pictures made at school.

They are way better than last years Spring pictures.

I spent entirely too much money.

This was St. Patrick's Day and we were so excited to get a good report from Grampy.

We had an impromptu play date that afternoon with Drake and Jackson.  It was a lot of fun!

The next day I got to go on the Fight for Rights tour with Red Clay Tours.  It was a great morning in the city.

The next day Patrick and Barrett (and AveryAnn) went to ride go carts to celebrate Uncle Patrick's birthday. 

Elizabeth and I (along with Jessica and Anna) went to see Beauty and the Beast.  It was so good.  I want to see it again in 3D.

The next week Aunt Elizabeth came on Friday night to hang out.  She's so good with my kids and Barrett adores her.  She brought popcorn and let Barrett help her pop it on the stove top.  He was so excited and still talks about it.
The next morning, Barrett and I were at Urgent Care for fever and sore throat.  We both had strep.  I was miserable.  Patrick took great care of us and AveryAnn and somehow they both escaped it.  Elizabeth was not so lucky.  I'm pretty sure she'll never hang out with us again.
This week was all over the place.  Wednesday this girl did not want to sleep.  I rocked her for the longest time and it was so sweet.  I guess she knew we both needed it.

Friday, I took both kids to the zoo by myself and it was so crowded.  We stayed maybe an hour and came back.

I'm pretty sure this is the last summer for matching smocks of any kind.  (I'm hoping I can still sneak some in here and there)  They looked so sweet.

I love those chunky legs!!

I found this baby picture of Patrick and I think he and AveryAnn look a lot alike. 

Today, Patrick had a side job to do and my brother John is still working a crazy long shut down so the kids and I picked up my mom and headed to Mass with Hope and Madelyn and then went to their house to let the kids play. 

They were so much fun and it was so nice to get to spend the afternoon with them.  I wish we lived closer  especially now that we have the girls so close in age.  They are really starting to interact and its so funny watching them.   We're ready for April!  Tomorrow is supposed to be Barrett's first ragball game.  We're hoping the weather doesn't mess things up!

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