Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter Weekend

We kicked off Easter weekend Thursday with Barrett's Easter party at school.  They made these adorable bunny shirts and he was working that tail.  It was so cute!

He was so excited we were there. 

Sister got a cookie and she was very happy.  (She was pretty cranky other than this moment.)

My friend Cristi took this one.  He's already learned that chicks dig babies.
Bunny on a bicycle.  He insisted he wear his bunny shirt again on Friday.

Saturday was the annual Egg hunt at church.  This used to be the highlight of the weekend for the Maxwell kids.  It's so much fun getting to take my own kids now.

AveryAnn isn't walking yet but she didn't let that stop her.  She got two eggs, one for each hand, and she was so happy.  Hope and Madelyn came to hunt eggs.  I'm sad we didn't get a picture of them together.  They were so cute!

Patrick took Barrett to his age group area and they found them all in record time.  By the time I got over there they were all done. 

Barrett was a little upset that he didn't get the Golden egg. 
We left there and headed to my Grandmother's house for lunch.  AveryAnn took a little nap in the car but she was a little whiney.  Madelyn will give hugs now and it's the sweetest thing ever.
I don't even know who took this picture but it was on my camera and its so sweet. 

The Easter bunny made a stop by the Horton house.  We don't do big baskets.  Our kids are rotten and get baskets at each of our parents houses too so we keep it simple. 

I love these of them together with their baskets.  They have both grown so much since last Easter.  It makes me happy and sad.

She adores her big brother and I hope they always love each other.

Best one I got of them both in their dress clothes.  Barrett has gotten so much better about taking pictures.  He just hams it up for the camera these days.  After Mass we went to my parents house for lunch.  It was nice to visit with everyone. 

This is the best it got for the family picture.
I look 45 and Barrett looks 10.  AveryAnn's smile is adorable.  She was trying to get Barrett and he was not having it.  I'm so thankful for my little family. 

We left my parents house and headed home for AveryAnn to take a nap.  Barrett wanted his picture made in front of the blooming azaleas we planted a couple of months ago.  They are still small but had so many blooms this year.  I was kind of shocked.  After naps we went to the Horton's for dinner.  AveryAnn was over all of it and wouldn't eat anything.  Then she wouldn't even sit in the highchair so Patrick and I could eat.  She finally calmed down and was pleasant enough for us to stay and visit for a while. We were on our way home and Barrett saw the big cross at GFBC or his old school as he called it, and said "That big cross looks just like the cross Jesus died on."  I guess he is listening sometimes. 

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