Saturday, October 24, 2009

Good Ole Rocky Top...Woo!


Today is the big day. The "Third Saturday in October" (which is actually the fourth this year but who's really counting!) Lane Kiffin has been talking us a storm this week but much to my surprise it has mostly been good. I do however see right threw him. He is only talking like that so that when we roll all over his team he can say how good we were and how his team was so good to hang in there with us blah blah blah!!! I'm just ready for the game. The volunteers aren't very good this year. I could probably beat their QB in a throwing contest. I'm just hoping we can hang in there and win this last one before our off week. It showed last week that we could use some down time. We're having soups and stews at the tailgate. I made broccoli and cheese soup with homemade beer bread. It is wonderful if I do say so myself!
Roll Tide Roll!!!
I'm not sure why this didn't post when I scheduled it to. So I'll just go ahead and add my review of the game here too!
Let me start by saying Oh My Goodness! I think I may still be experiencing chest pains. I cannot explain the thoughts running through my head. I didn't even watch the last play. My cousin had to tell me what happened. Thank you Mt. Cody!!! This is why going to the game is so different for me. If I'd been watching the game at home the sweet announcer people would have been there to remind me that Cody had already blocked one kick and the kicker missed one. These two things would have given me the strength to watch. But in the stadium I forgot about all that and I was flashing back to 2003 when we lost in 5 overtimes and I had to hear Rocky Top being played in our stadium. I knew I did not want to hear that. So I prayed (I know that is awful to say. I later apologized for praying to win a football game!) and covered my eyes. I heard the crowd cheer and looked up to see the team running on the field. I couldn't have been more excited! Then to hear Rammer Jammer, there is nothing like singing Rammer Jammer to an SEC team that you just beat in the last 4 seconds. It'll bring a tear to your eye!!!
Alabama 12- Tennessee 10
Roll Tide Roll!!!
Now as awesome as the win was. I have never been more excited to see an off week. I think the fans need it as much as the team after that game! So I'll enjoy my Halloween watching all the other SEC teams. I hope that Bama spends it search for the passing game we were rocking at the start of the season! On to the photos!
Matt, Daddy and Bullet before the game!
Bullet and Me before the game!

Bullet, Me and Frank!Pre-game! After "The Mountian Block"!Bullet and Frank!The "Group" Frank, Bullet, Me, Babo, and Daddy!Mount Cody leaving the stadium! I'm pretty sure that he would have been carried off the field if he didn't weigh 300+ lbs!The scoreboard. (Since we're renovating the other scoreboard was taken off the screen to show the replay. This is the best I could do!)Bullet, Papa and FrankMy awesome Creamy Broccoli and Cheese Soup! Which I got the recipe HERE. IT was so good and easy to make! Everyone loved it!

I can't believe this is my 100th post. I actually thought I would write a few things and then forget all about this thing. I have really enjoyed writing and recording all the goings on over the past 10 months!


Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

Tell me about it Girl - Heart attack city! From the looks of your pics - we were exactly across the stadium from you guys! Roll Tide! PS - We had a victory cigar too!

Brandi said...

I almost had a heart attack too. Roll Tide.

Melissa Wertz said...

Those last few minutes were scary. I left the room, then heard DH holler....

Rachel said...

Great post and review! It was a scary game, wasn't it? Happy 100th post!!!