Monday, October 12, 2009

Monday Already...


This weekend flew by. I just realized I haven't posted about football all weekend. That doesn't mean it wasn't being played or that I wasn't watching, because I was.

My Crimson Tide were on the road again this weekend. They headed to Oxford to take on the Ole Miss Rebels. At the start of the season this game was set to be a deciding game for the SEC west. Well it lost a lot of its luster after the Rebels lost to South Carolina. It was still supposed to be a pretty good game. Well the Tide came out with their game faces on. It was a defensive battle for most of the game. The rebels defense only allowed one touchdown. The other 15 points came on 5 kicks by Leigh Tiffin. A win is a win. I'm not complaining.

Alabama Crimson Tide 22- Ole Miss Rebels 3
Roll Tide Roll

Now I had to watch the game at a wedding reception. I know it's not very classy but that's what happens when you get married on a gameday in Alabama. The bride and groom were both Auburn Alumni so they really didn't care what we Tiders thought. Luckily they had a nice 50+ inch TV set up. They were several of us that kept our seats right by the TV the entire time.


Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

Roll Tide!!!! My wedding date was chosen due to Alabama's Football schedule but what a cool idea - 50 inch at the reception!

Brandi said...

Roll Tide. I agree a win is a win no matter what. I can't wait for this weekend it is the first weekend that we are getting to go to Tuscaloosa.

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