Monday, August 2, 2010

It's August

and it's HOT!!!  It's 100 degrees today and it feels like 109.  Yes, it feels like 109!  That's hot folks!  So this weekend consisted mainly of trying to stay cool!  The birthday celebration continued through the week.  Thursday night my sister and I went out for margaritas after bootcamp.  ( I know it defeats the purpose to go exercise then go drink margaritas!)  We were going to go on Tuesday night (my actual birthday) but bootcamp kicked my tail that night and I was not up for it! 

Friday night I went to dinner with Kristen and she gave me the cutest shoes for my birthday.  I just love them!  We also went to Ross's and Target after dinner and I was able to get my sister and Patrick's birthday presents while we were out.  I was so excited that I already have those two out of the way.  (August is a pretty big birthday month for us!)

Saturday I woke up and cleaned for a bit (still have more to do).  I hate to clean.  I like to organize and for everything to have it's place.  I don't mind picking up and decluttering but I hate to actually clean.  After I cleaned I had to go to my office and work on some things for an anniversary party I was planning for Sunday.  I needed to work on the centerpieces.  I was struggling...I was trying to make the vases that I had work but they were all different sizes and it was not working so I headed to Hobby Lobby and got 9 vases for 75cents each.  I was pretty excited!  After I finished there I went by my parents house to see what they were up to.  Drew and Ava were there and they'd been playing in the hot tub (with the heat turned off).  After they got out we all played UNO.  It was so much fun.  The kids had a blast (so did my parents and I!).

Sunday I spent most of the day at the church working on the party.  It turned out to be great.  Not that I ever doubted that it would.  It was a lot of fun! After the party I came home and watched Big Brother.  Oh my it's getting pretty brutal.  I really like Kristen, Brittany, and Cathy.  I also like Hayden and Reagan.  I can not stand Rachel.  Her voice is really annoying and she always seems to be yelling.  Even when she's just talking into the camera!  Then we watched undercover boss.  I love that show.

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