Saturday, July 28, 2012

Intelligender Results

A couple of weeks ago we thought it'd be fun to try the intelligender test.  I didn't have high hopes going in and if anything I think it made me more anxious to find out next month. 
The result was boy.  Patrick and I went back and forth on which was right.  We compared to samples on the website.  I finally just emailed the result to them and they replied that the result was boy.

I know this isn't very accurate.  But it was still fun!
Other old wives tales:
Carrying high or low:  I would say more high, which says girl.
Heart Beat:  160, which says girl.
Sweet vs Salty cravings:  I've definitely been wanting more salty, which says boy.
Chinese Gender Chart: Girl.

Even/ Odd: My age was 26, the year 2012 so both even, which says girl.

Morning sickness: I haven't had any, leads to boy.

So what we have here is a tie so I guess we'll have to wait!
We'd be thrilled either way!
August 23rd we'll know for sure and I can't wait!

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