Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Reactions

We had some mixed reactions when we announced our pregnancy to our families.  Which was not expected at all.  We told a few people at a time starting with our parents...

It was my Dad's birthday so we wrapped up the onesie that said "Baby Horton".  It was just Patrick and I and my mom and dad.  They were surprised and so excited!  We also told Patrick's parents that same night.  They were equally excited.  This was at about 5 weeks and I wanted to wait till about 10 weeks to tell our siblings so we told them on Father's Day. 
My family didn't go exactly as planned.  I thought I had a fool proof plan, I was wrong.  I had printed a picture of the onesie along with some pictures from the beach and handed them to my sister thinking she be the best one to "get it".  She flipped right by the picture so we had to make her go back and explain it.  She, my sister in law and my little brother's girlfriend were pretty excited the boys couldn't have cared less.  In fact their lack of reaction made my sister believe she was the only one who didn't know.
The boys weren't the only ones we were less than thrilled.

This was Harper's reaction.  She cried. Like real tears, I'm not the baby grandchild anymore tears.  Porter was also so upset.  He just kept asking why we were having a baby, we didn't need a baby.  All they do is cry and throw up.  I asked if he was going to come to the hospital when I have the baby and he said he might but warned me that it was going to take like 3 days for them to get it out.  He continued to voice his concerns to anyone that would listen.
He did tell me this weekend he was still just a tiny bit mad at me. So maybe by January he'll be excited!

For Patrick's family we had Melissa have a Father's day cake made with all the dad's names on it plus Patrick.  After having to explain the picture to my sister I was afraid we were going to have to explain this one too, but we didn't.  His sister picked up on it immediately.  They were all so excited.  None of the kids cried so it was a success.

I will say this... this has been one of the most awkward things to just come out and say to people.  I'm glad we had little ways to tell everyone that made it so much easier.  I was going to tell my book club on Friday but it just wasn't something that came up in conversation so most of them ended up finding out on facebook which isn't the way I really wanted but it was the easiest.

I plan on doing weekly updates but my "photographer" needs some practice so it might be a couple of weeks.  Honestly there isn't much to see yet.  I just look fat ;) I've felt good for the most part.  I've been sick a few times but not really enough to complain about.  This week I've started having nosebleeds which were kinda scary at first but I read they are completely normal.

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Brianna Tucker said...

congrats :) the cake idea was so cute