Tuesday, August 28, 2012

20 weeks!

How Far Along: 20 weeks

Size of baby: Large banana (11oz, 6.5 inches)
Total Weight Gain/Loss: +17 lbs total
Maternity Clothes: Pants, yes. Tops, some. The pants are just way more comfortable.

Gender: All boy!  So excited to finally know!

Movement: Some thumps and flutters. It's getting more regular.  He's definitely more active in the afternoon.

Sleep: It's getting harder and harder to get comfortable.  I was hoping this wouldn't happen until later.

What I miss: Eating anything without getting indigestion. Still miss my old clothes.

Cravings: None really this week.  I bought a bag of clementines Saturday and I've been enjoying them.

Symptoms: Indigestion.

Best Moment this week:  Seeing the baby on the ultrasound.  I loved seeing him move.  Finding out the gender.  Starting our registry.  I was so overwhelmed in Buy Buy Baby.  We barely made a dent in the things we need to register for but we got most of the big things out of the way.  I also bought a few things for him this week.  I can't wait till they get here.

I can't believe we are 20 weeks.  It seems like it's flying by.  I've been saying all along if I can get to this point the last half will {hopefully} fly by.  The fall always seems to be over in a flash followed by the holidays.  This week starts football season which means there will be games to watch everyweek until the baby gets here!

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