Friday, December 14, 2012

Random Friday Post

We've been busy around the Horton house.  Expecting a baby and celebrating the holidays will do that to ya.  I feel like I have to do lists for my to do lists.  I have Christmas shopping lists, Christmas card lists, to do before baby lists and packing lists.  Most lists have lists and order of importance.  It's starting to get overwhelming but so exciting at the same time. 
I'm planning to wrap up my Christmas shopping this weekend.  Hopefully my cards will beat their estimated delivery date of 12/20 so I can get them addressed and in the mail.  I'm slowly getting things marked off the before baby list and the packing lists might be the death of me. 
One thing that got marked off a list today was getting Ally's haircut.  She looks thrilled doesn't she.  It had been way to long and she was matted to the skin.  But she thinks she looks fabulous with those candy cane bows!

Something that has nothing to do with lists.  This is my best friend Kristen's new puppy.  Marni or Penny, shes still undecided on a name.  Isn't she so cute.  She came to doggy daycare today for a couple of hours and was so sweet.  I just can't get enough of that sweet face.  She's 8 weeks old and weighs in at a whopping 1lb 7oz.

She took a little nap while she was with me.
While I haven't been sleeping at night one of my favorite things has been laying on the couch with the Christmas lights on.  It's so calm and warm.  I haven't done a post with our decorations because it didn't really change from last year. I didn't put out my tree downstairs.  I'm trying to decide if I'm going to rush to take it all down before the baby comes.

I'm pretty sure Ally knows something is up.  She's been really attached to Patrick lately.  She is so excited to see him when he gets home and she usually sits right with him until he goes to bed.  Unless I have food, then she'll be my friend.  She never lets me cuddle her like a baby.  She feel asleep in Patrick's arms like this the other night and slept for almost an hour.  The funniest part is I was asleep on the couch so he took this picture of her so I could see.
My parents dog died the week of Thanksgiving.  We were sad.  They'd had him for about 14 years but in the last few years he'd been going downhill fast.  Well it seems like since he's been gone these cats have taken up residence on their deck.  (I actually think they'd been hanging around before he died but it seems like now they are always there).  The kids have named them.  They are not strays because they let the kids pick them up pull and tug at them.  I took this picture because it reminded me of my sister when she was little with our cat growing up.  I think this one is "Snickerdoodle". 
I'm hoping to show the nursery before the baby gets here but it's not finished yet.  So I guess what I'm really hoping is tha it's finished before he gets here! 

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