Thursday, December 13, 2012


 Once upon a time the holiday known as Thanksgiving happened.  Yes it's been 3 weeks now since my favorite holiday passed but I still wanted to recap it.  It was a pretty low key day spent eating and resting.  I love Thanksgiving.  The food is definitely my favorite but I enjoy the doing nothing part too.  I always start the day watching the Macy's parade, then we headed to my grandmothers house for lunch!  It was all so good.  I can't even remember what all we had to eat but I do know there was both turkey and ham which makes this girl very happy! 
My uncle had lined up a little project for the boys to help him with while we were all there.  A tree had fallen on my grandmother's garage so they worked on getting it all put back together. 
This red truck was my Granddaddy's.  We always call it Granddaddy's truck (my grandfather died 14 years ago).  Porter asked my dad why his truck was at Grandmother's house.  My dad is the only "Grandaddy" he's known.  So we explained to him that it was his daddy's Granddaddy's (Porter's great Grandaddy) truck.  I think he caught on.  My dad and brother let him "drive" around the yard and afterwards he said that his dad's granddaddy would be proud to see him drive his truck.  Porter is named after my Grandaddy.  My brother and Grandaddy were very close so I know it meant a lot to my brother and dad too to see Porter so excited about driving his great Granddaddy's truck!

These are the only pictures we took that day.  We usually try to take a family picture but some of the kids were sick so they stayed home (thankfully!)  Hopefully we can get a family picture on Christmas.
After we left there Patrick and I ran home to get Ally and headed to the Horton's house.  Melissa made her usual spread and it was delicious.  I love holidays and traditions.  I can't wait to experience it with our sweet baby boy!

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