Monday, December 24, 2012

She said yes!!!

 I love family!  So I was so excited to find out last week that I'm getting a new sister!  My little brother finally proposed to his girlfriend of like 97 years.  They've been together forever it seems like.
First family photo.  Bentley, Hope, John and Daisy.  I don't think Daisy was thrilled with the announcement.

I knew Hope didn't expect a thing when she showed up to Sunday lunch in a prom tshirt. 
Hope is a year older than John and for the longest time we couldn't figure out what she saw in him.  I mean we love him but he just wasn't boyfriend material.  When they went on their first date John borrowed my dad's car (because he drove my old tracker that was no longer acceptable to drive on the highway).  Dad's car was more reliable and I guess John wanted to impress her.  Well they got about 2 miles away from our house and the car broke down.  John had to call our mom to come him.  So after his Zoolight Safari idea fell through he went with plan b to pop the question.  The new Dairy Queen opened in town so he asked Hope if she wanted a milkshake after lunch.  They left and he acted like his car broke down in the same place.  He popped the question where their very first date had gone awry.

Her ring is beautiful!  I'm so excited for them.  They're thinking a Spring 2014 wedding!  We can't wait!

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