Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snow Much Fun...again

After the busted forecast in Birmingham two weeks ago, the meteorologists have been eager to redeem themselves.  They've been forecasting this "major winter weather event" for several days now and there wasn't a loaf of bread or gallon of milk to be found from Shelby county north.  The first round was supposed to hit Monday night but we only got some cold rain.  Places just north of us got a few inches.  They kept mentioning there'd be another round Wednesday evening into Thursday morning.  So to ensure that no children would be sleeping at school classes were cancelled Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  They were taking no chances.  Barrett and I braved the cold rain Tuesday and Wednesday morning to get some work done.  Patrick called around noon on Wednesday to say he was off work that night so we headed home around 1:00.  We were so excited to get to spend the night with Patrick.  We quickly got settled in to wait and watch for this winter weather we were promised.  We waited and waited.  We heard and read reports of snow all around us but didn't see a single flake.  I was convinced we were going to get rain, rain and more rain and I was starting to get sad.  I was convinced there was an invisible dome over us that was preventing the snow to fall.  While we were eating dinner the change over started and by the time we put Barrett in the bath this is what our front yard looked like!
Patrick and I were both giddy!  It was falling hard and fast.  Lots and lots of it.  Within about 4 hours our neighbor measured around 5".  
We bundled Barrett up and headed out for a bit.  He wasn't a fan of it falling in his face.
The butterfly bush covered in heavy, wet snow!
Sweet snow baby.
We put Barrett to bed and headed out to enjoy the night.  We had a snowball fight and rode the four-wheeler around the neighborhood.
It's so beautiful!
Our house!
My snow angel!
Big red covered in snow!
We came in and baked cookies.
We woke up this morning to no power.  It wasn't out long and I knew the streets were going to improve quickly today but I still had a bit of panic when I woke up and it was so quiet.  I quickly realized I wasn't cold so the heat had not been off long.  Barrett was still asleep so I knew he was still comfortable.
I'm such a dork.  I just think there is something so magical about snow.  Especially in the south.  It's so rare we get this much snow and for it to have happened twice in the last 3 weeks is so fun.  The fact that it all happened the month Patrick was on 2nd shift was a blessing too.  he was able to be home with us several nights he would have been at work.  It was a nice little break and broke the month up for us.  The older Barrett gets the harder it is for both us.  For me it's physically harder being the only one home at night to handle all the night time chores and on him its more emotionally tuff being away. 
Ally was enjoying the view this morning.  I just love it!

Before we left for work this morning.
It's all mostly gone now.  Slowly melted away.  It was 55 degrees this afternoon.  I rode home with my sunroof open.  It was a fun night for sure.  I'm kind of ready for spring but I'm trying to just soak up this season of life.  I don't want to wish anymore time away.

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