Sunday, February 23, 2014

Weekend Review

We had a nice low key weekend.  Friday, I went to my favorite class at the gym, then to the dreaded Walmart.  I came home and we had pizza.  It was so much fun to just hanging out as a family.  We missed that when Patrick was on 2nd shift.  The weather Saturday was beautiful.  While Patrick was at work I cleaned out some of the toys Barrett had out grown and worked on some stuff for the wedding.  Before I knew it Patrick was home.  We took a family trip to Walmart to get all the things I'd forgotten on Friday.  Since it was such a pretty day we took Barrett to the park and let him swing.  It was so much fun. 
I think he enjoyed it.
I love this little guy.  He is growing so fast.  When I look at these pictures I don't see one bit of baby.  Sometimes I can still see a little bit of baby, not here though.
Daddy got in on the action too.  I should add that Daddy also dressed him.
A little reading before church this morning.  He got the Spot book off his shelf all on his own so of course Daddy had to read it to him.  It was pretty sweet listening to them while I was getting ready!
After church we came home and had lunch together.  I went to the gym and Patrick and Barrett went to Patrick's parents.  When I got home I threw some dinner in the oven and hurried to enjoy the afternoon on the deck.  I read a few chapters and just soaked in the pre-spring weather.  
We are gearing up for the big wedding this weekend.  I am so excited!!! 
Happy last week of February.

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