Sunday, February 9, 2014

Weekend Review

We had a busy, fun weekend! (I took very few pictures)
This was actually one day last week.  Barrett had a terrible blow out and I had not changed the clothes in his bag in a long time.  The onesie was size 6m and the pants were 3-6m. We got a good laugh out of it.
I thought he looked so cute asleep with his leg propped up.
Then he fell asleep on the way home today too.  One sock and all.
Friday night when we finally got home from the gym and running errands, we had a little impromptu girls night in at our house.  Kristen was bringing me some clothes and then Brittany and her little sister came by just to hang out.  Barrett was our entertainment.  He loved having an audience while in the bath.  We had so much fun sitting around laughing!  They also helped me get into my dress for the wedding!
Saturday morning I got up with Barrett and we played for a while.  I went to the gym then to Patrick's cousin's house to have lunch with his aunts and cousins.  They had not seen Barrett in a while so they were so excited to see him.  He was pretty cute!
Saturday night we had Hope's bachelorette/lingerie shower at Superior Grill.  It was fun to get together with the girls.  She got some cute things. The wedding is 3 weeks away and I can't wait.
I made them these matching shirts to wear on their honeymoon in Disney World.  They turned out so cute!  
Sisters, Sisters there were never such devoted sisters! So happy to welcome Hope to the fam!

The group.  We had such a fun night but man was I tired today.  Which is really sad because I really didn't stay out that late!

Today we went to church and to lunch at my parents house.  Patrick is really close to finished up a project in our den downstairs to convert part of the room to a little play room for Barrett's toys.
Such a great weekend.  We're supposed to get more winter weather this week.  Which does not bode well for my weight-loss.

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Nadine Lynn said...

I am SO not looking forward to the weather this week! Normally I cant wait for it to snow...but every time it snows this year, ice comes along with it. No thanks!

Superior Grill is always a fun time!

Stay safe and warm this week!