Monday, June 2, 2014

The Color Run

Around two months ago, Brittany and I decided we wanted to run the Color Run when it came to Birmingham.  We quickly gathered a group of 6 for our team and we started training.  This is probably where I should add that I did not train.  I didn't run one time.  Everyone else did and they were awesome.  I just tried to keep up.  I was in charge of designing our team shirts and I thought they turned out so cute.  We got several compliments and I even had someone ask me if I had a business card.  I did not.
This was while we were waiting for the other half of our team.
Here we are. We couldn't come up with a team name.  So I played off the color run logo and made the color fun shirts.
The back of our shirts had our monogram, just as any good southerner should.
I felt like we ran forever before we got to the first color spot.  I didn't really know what to expect.  I thought the color powder was going to be falling on us but there were people on either side of the road kinda squirting it on us.  It was cool.
Team selfie.
Of course the pink was my favorite.
And I love these team selfies.
The blue was the last color during the "race".
I kinda loved the confetti at the finish.
I'm not sure where the rest of our team was by this point. 
Team after!
I looked like a smurf!  The blue people got me good.  I was still getting blue out of my ears this morning.
It was such a fun morning.  I loved seeing the diversity in the participants.  There were so many people.  I heard an estimate of 5,500 people.  I love that it's promoted as the "Happiest 5K on the planet"  and it is so happy!  Everyone was smiling and having fun!  
I would definitely recommend participating.  Its so laid back and low pressure. It's not timed and everyone kinda takes their time.  I just wanted to enjoy it and have fun and that's what we did.

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