Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Early Intervention Update

Last Wednesday we had our second instruction time with our service coordinator.  It went really well.  She was very pleased with his progress.  He is signing "more" like a champ and he's started shaking his head for "yes".  He also says one word, "Hey!".  It's the cutest thing ever when he walks into the room and says "Hey!"  He will say "Yeah" sometimes.  We think he's trying to talk a lot more in the last few weeks.  He will say a phrase and then if you ask he will repeat it.  We have no idea what he's saying but he's definitely trying to tell us something.  After talking with me and watching him she thinks he needs to be evaluated by the speech therapist.  She set up the appointment for us and we will have that evaluation next week.  Our "homework" this week included some exercises to increase oral muscle development.  We also are working on getting Barrett to stop throwing everything.  He currently will not put anything down, everything is thrown.  So that's fun.  I feel like he's understanding and comprehending more and more of what we say.  I can tell a big difference in those two areas.  Hopefully we'll continue to see progress. 

He found this apple in his bag and decided he was up for a snack.

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