Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Early Intervention update

I just realized it's been quite some time since I did an update on Barrett at all much less on how Early Intervention is going.   It was a year ago this month that we started this journey and we couldn't be more pleased with his progress.  A year ago Barrett did not communicate.  He didn't talk, he didn't try to make sounds, he didn't sign, he didn't do anything to let us know what he wanted.  We were so worried.  He was the sweetest child but he had no interest in letting us know what he wanted. 
We started with Special Instruction where our coordinator would come to us twice a month and work with Barrett and show us how to work with him at home.  After a month our coordinator suggested we also receive services from the speech therapist.  We also see her twice a month.  Barrett has thrived.  We started slowly.  But looking back at the big picture we have come so far.  Barrett says around 30 words.  This is huge.  He has also learned how to communicate non verbally.  He is a thousand times more outgoing and not nearly as passive. (which they tell me is a good thing ;) )  We are so thankful for the team of people working together to get him on track.  He is thriving in Mother's Day Out.  I'm so glad we made the decision to send him even though at the time I was skeptical.
(these pictures have nothing to do with this post, they're just really cute)
We will have our annual evaluation next month to really measure his progress and see if he even still qualifies for services.  I'm anxious to see his measured progress. 
I love this boy so much.  His little personality is hilarious. We love hearing new words and seeing him discover the world.  He's so curious these days.  One of my favorite words he says is "elephant".  It's the cutest.  We have felt so blessed by this opportunity and the support we've received from our family and friends.  It truly has meant the world to us.

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