Thursday, March 5, 2015

Horton House Daily: Week 9

Week 9 alternate title...Where is Spring?  I just realized today that I never posted Week 9 Thursday.  Probably because our routine was thrown off due to the threat of ice.  
Day 57:  The snow finally came and it was beautiful when we woke up.  By the time we got home from work it was gone.  And we're hoping it doesn't show up again until next year.
Day 58:  I enjoyed book club in my house shoes with my new favorite drink.  This pineapple moonshine mixed with lemonade is going to be the perfect summer drink!  If summer ever comes.
Day 59:  Keegan had a fun birthday party at the Cullman Aquatic Center.  It was fun to get to swim in February.  This place is so nice.  Barrett loved the shallow part.  He was so excited and not timid at all.  I think this summer is going to be fun at the splash pad and the lake.
Day 60:  I went grocery shopping which is one of my least favorite chores.  But I'm thankful that we have the means to put food on the table.  I'm trying to see the positive.  Some days it hard.
Day 61:  For Dr. Seuss' birthday Barrett was asked to dress like his favorite character for Mother's Day Out.  He and Drake were "Thing 1 & Thing 2".  They were so stinking cute.  Barrett was in a rotten mood all morning.  He also moved up to the older class this week.  So far they say he's doing good.  I think it's going to take some adjustment.  I think they do more organized activity than the class he was in.  But it's good for him.  I was so glad that Drake got to move up with him.  These two are such sweet buddies.
Day 62:  We ordered new bedroom furniture on Thursday 2/26.  They told us it would be 2-4 weeks for delivery.  Well we got a call on Tuesday (5 days later) saying it would be delivered on Thursday.  We had to get moving to clean out a spot for it.  This was in the middle of it.  It was worth it though.  
Day 63:  While I was cleaning out I found this.  I'm pretty sure it's my little brother's handwriting.  I told him I was glad I waited until he had a real job to cash it in.

So there's week 9.  It was a doozy.  I've got two big projects to finish up at work this week and hopefully things will be getting back to normal around here.

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