Thursday, March 26, 2015

Horton House Daily: Week 12

Day 78:  Barrett was trying to ride Willow like a pony.  She was so sweet to him and just laid there and let him play.
Day 79:  I hosted another fun paint party.  This time we painted crosses and bunnies.  It was a fun night with lots of laughs.  I love having so many fun women in my life.  I feel so busy sometimes, but I wouldn't trade these laughs for anything at this stage in life.
Day 80:  Barrett knows how to relax.  I walked out of the room and came back and he'd taken his shirt off and was watching tv.
Day 81:  We went down to John and Hope's house so Patrick could wire up some outlets in the garage and Barrett played ball in the mud.
Day 82:  I put my cross and bunny up.  I think they turned out so cute.  I think the cross is my favorite.
Day 83:  Barrett didn't want to take a nap so we loaded up.  I texted Lorie that we were coming to her neighborhood to play on their playground.  She and Elise came and played with us for a little while before they had ball practice.  Barrett had a blast.
Day 84:  Barrett had his Easter Egg hunt and party at school.  I loved getting to see him with his new class.  He did pretty good hunting eggs.   We've got a couple more egg hunts planned before Easter and I can't wait to watch him.

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