Sunday, July 26, 2015

Nurture VoxBox

About a month ago the Nurture Vox Box from Influenster.  I was excited to try out a whole bunch on new stuff.  This box was so much fun!

I quickly dug into the red vines candy.  They were the perfect afternoon snack.
Next up was the Blue Lizard sunscreen.  This was perfect for our faces.  We use spray for the rest of our bodies because it's so quick and easy but I really like this for our faces.  I also love that the cap turns blue in UV light so you know when to cover up.
This one was a big surprise to me.  I love french fries.  I was very skeptical that fries out of the microwave would be any good.  These were delicious.  I was shocked.  My only complaint was there weren't a lot in the package but for a quick snack it worked.

I needed a quick side one night so I cooked the Uncle Bens Brown Rice Medley.  I wasn't all that impressed with this but we don't really eat a lot of rice as a side.
This might have been my favorite thing in the whole box.  I'm turning 30 this month so I need all the anti-aging I can get.  
I never used this as a shampoo but I liked it as a body wash.  I'm not too big on scented stuff right now and this has a nice fresh scent.  It doesn't really have an overpowering scent.  
These are all the products that I had a chance to test.  I just love Influenster and the opportunity to try new things.
I was given the products to test at no cost to me to test.  All opinions are my own.

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