Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Horton House Daily: Week 29

Day 196:  Left him with his grandparents for the afternoon.  Got there to pick him up and he was asleep at 6:30.  Then they hand him a baggy with two cupcakes in it and he opens it a eats one on the way home before dinner.

Day 197:  Barrett got to hang out with his friends and BB for the morning.  He had the best time with his buds.  They were having a dance party.

Day 198:  Another Saturday lunch with Jackson at the Moore swimming hole.

Day 199:  Sunday night cuddles.

Day 200:  Love that sweet smile.

Day 201:  He got a new flash light and was putting on a light show before bed one night.

Day 202:  Playing with a sweet puppy at the office.

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