Monday, September 7, 2015

15 Weeks

(You can't really tell anything in these pictures.  I promise to wear a tighter shirt next week. Although I've avoided tight stuff because I feel huge and like I'm going to suffocate.)

How Far Along: 15 weeks
Size of baby: An apple
Maternity Clothes: Jeans, yes, I can still get away with some of my elastic waist pants and shorts.  I'm still wearing my regular tops.  Most of my tops are flowy enough that they work just fine.  I've bought a few non maternity dresses this week that I hope I can wear as dresses now and tunics with leggings later in the season.
Gender: I think boy.  We've got an ultrasound scheduled Friday so hopefully we'll know for sure then.
Movement: Not yet, I can't wait though.
Sleep: Barrett has slept all night the past few nights (hopefully I didn't just jinx that).  I've felt like a new person this week.  I think it's because I've finally feeling somewhat rested.  Of course I have a really busy week this week so I'll probably be feeling like a lunatic again.
What I miss:  Having a beer watching football. (I promise I'm not an alcoholic.)  Not feeling like I'm going to throw up after I eat.
Cravings: Fresh fruit and anything spicy.
Symptoms: Exhaustion and nausea.  I've been sick again this weekend.  It's so annoying.
Best Moment this week: Watching football with friends again!  Another week down.  Looking forward to seeing the baby on the ultrasound this week.

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