Sunday, September 13, 2015

It's a...

With Barrett we waited until the 20 week anatomy scan to find out the gender.  This time I knew we couldn't wait.  :)  We scheduled it as early as we could for September 11th.  I had a crazy busy week which turned out to be a good thing because it went by pretty fast.  We headed to our appointment Friday afternoon fully expecting them to confirm that we already knew this baby was another boy. She started the ultrasound and showed us the profile.  I said aww look he's sucking his thumb and just kept calling him a he.  She finally got to the good part and she said "its a girl!"  We were both speechless for a second.  I asked about a hundred times if she was sure.  She kept laughing and saying she was sure.  We were both in shock.  Patrick just kept saying "a girl, we're having a girl."  It was funny.  We had told everyone we just knew it was another boy. After the ultrasound we went over to see the doctor and my blood pressure was really high.  They made me lay down and rest for a few minutes and then they took it again and it was still high so they sent me for lab work.  Everything looked normal except my iron was low so I'm on an iron supplement. Hopefully it'll make me feel better.  I go back next week to be checked again. Hopefully everything will have calmed down.  We're thinking it was the stress of the week and the excitement of finding out its a girl that had it so elevated.
After the appointment we went to the gift shop.  I'll let you guess which thing Patrick picked out. 
She doesn't have a name for sure yet.  Her first name will probably be Ann and her middle name will start with "M" but we're not 100% decided on her middle name and she'll probably go by both names.

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