Monday, December 21, 2015

30 Weeks

How Far Along: 30 weeks
Size of baby:  Head of lettuce (18in, 3.1lbs)
Maternity Clothes: All bottoms are now maternity when I'm out and about.  I can still wear sweat pants at home.  Most of my tops are not maternity just tunics and dresses I'm wearing as tunics.
Gender: Girl!
Movement: All the time. I felt her have hiccups for the first time this week.
Sleep:  The hustle and bustle of the season has me wishing I was getting more sleep at night.  What sleep I get is good so I can't complain.
What I miss:  Energy.  Taking a bath without needing help out of the tub.
Cravings: None really. 
Symptoms: None really this week.  Just feeling large.  I've had a few BH contractions.
Best Moment this week:  I passed the three hour glucose test.  My dad and I went this morning and sat for 3 hours.  They took blood four times.  They called this afternoon and said my fasting number was a little elevated but overall everything looked good so I just need to watch my carbs and sweets.  We're so excited for Christmas this year.  Barrett is so excited and we're just trying to soak in his last Christmas as an only child.

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