Thursday, December 31, 2015

My Favorite Christmas Tradition

One of my favorite traditions that Patrick and I started our first Christmas was a picture of us in front of our tree Christmas morning.  Sleepy faces, pjs and all.  At the time I has no idea how much I would grow to love these pictures.  I think they'll only get better and better as the years pass.

Our first Christmas married in our house.  You can notice our tree was mostly Barbie ornaments.  Poor Patrick. (Although I can't really say that has changed much.)  We had Ally that year, I can't believe she's not in the picture.

We looks so young.

This is the year it snowed.  One of my favorite Christmases before Barrett.

I love this picture.  Those two kids had no idea what the next year would hold for them.  The end of 2011 was exciting and hard all at the same time.  We hoped to start thinking about starting a family but never dreamed that would be the last Christmas just the two of us.  In some ways I feel like we look more mature here like we're finally ready to be adults.

The year I made the nurse stop in front of the tree on the way out of the OR to take a picture in front of the tree.  Still cracks me up.

Our first Christmas morning at home as a family of 3 (4 counting Ally).  I love Patrick's smile in this one and I think Ally's expression sums up how she feels about the new addition.

Celebrating our 2 year old and loving that handprint ornament hanging behind us.  I remember hoping we'd be a family of 4 by the next Christmas. 

This year.  Not quite a family of 4 yet but it won't be too much longer.  I realized Patrick and I are wearing the same thing as last year.  Barrett looks so old it hurts me.  When I look at this picture I think about all the heartache we've endured this year and think about how we never lost faith.  I felt the joy of knowing that while this year wasn't my favorite it definitely made us appreciate life and where we are now. 

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