Monday, January 11, 2016

33 Weeks

(This picture is terrible, I'm going to have to get Patrick to take a better one when we get home)
How Far Along: 33 weeks

Size of baby: Honeydew (19in, 4.5lbs)

Maternity Clothes: Bottoms yes, tops are still regular tunics and flowy tops.
Gender: Hopefully still a girl!

Movement: All the time.  She's wild.

Sleep:  Not too bad.  If I wake up before Patrick leaves I usually can't go back to sleep which stinks and I usually take a quick nap in the afternoon because I'm just exhausted.
What I miss: Energy mainly.  I feel beat by 1:00 or 2:00 every afternoon and there's still a lot of day left.  Luckily Barrett is pretty easy and he'll sit and watch Mickey Mouse while I rest in the afternoon.
Cravings: Fruit and orange juice.
Symptoms:  Just feeling huge and some pressure if I stand or sit too long.
Best Moment this week: My niece was born Friday afternoon.  She's so cute and I can't wait for AveryAnn and her to grow up together.  My friends hosted a small shower for us Saturday morning.  It was so sweet and I got some of the cutest pink things and a ton of diapers to get us started.  My friends also went in together and got us a really nice carrier that I know will come in handy. We're slowly getting the nursery put together.  I had a doctors appointment this morning and everything looks good.  My iron is still low so if it doesn't rise significantly by my next appointment she's going to give me an injection.  Hopefully it doesn't come to that.  I have one more two week appointment then I start going every week.  I think we'll get to schedule our csection at my next appointment.  It's getting real and I'm so excited!

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