Monday, January 18, 2016

34 Weeks

I've reached the wall.  I'm ready for this baby to come.
How Far Along: 34 weeks

Size of baby:  Pineapple (19-22in, 4.9lbs)

Gender: Girl!  Lots of pink in our house and its so sweet.

Movement:  She's moving as much as she can.  I think she's running out of room.
Sleep: I'm sleeping as much as the people in my house will let me. 
What I miss: Energy and being able to do whatever I want to do.  I get so tired and start hurting if I stand too long so I can't even grocery shop for too long.  Poor Barrett is watching a lot of Mickey Mouse these days.

Cravings: Fresh Fruit. Which is weird for me.  The other day I wanted something sweet but I wanted it to be fruit.
Symptoms: Big and achy.  My feet are starting to swell a little, nothing like with Barrett but a little.  I get so worn out so quickly, it makes it hard to get anything done.  Only a few more weeks. I can do it.

Best Moment this week:   We got a lot done and I finally feel like we could have a baby and not freak out.  I got all the clothes washed, organized and put away.  I've got everything ready to be packed for her bag.  I've started making a list for my bag.  We got the light fixture hung in her room.  I've still got several things to do but it's feeling a lot more manageable now.  We have a date scheduled for the csection.  5 weeks or less, we can't wait!

My belly looks so different this time.  I share a comparison picture with Barrett in a couple of weeks but I can't get over how different it looks.

Love all these sweet pink clothes that got washed and put away this weekend.  I can't wait to dress her everyday!

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