Tuesday, June 28, 2016

3 Year Check up

Last Monday we had Barrett's 3 year check up.  Only 6 months late.  Barrett's half birthday was this past Saturday so I thought I would go ahead and get his 3 year update posted, you know, only six months after his third birthday.  I'm thinking his half birthday is going to become his birthday for celebration purposes over the next year. 
This has been a big year.  We've had so much fun.  Your vocabulary has quadrupled.  You know your numbers, colors and animals.  We're still working on letter recognition but I'm sure you'll have it in no time. 
At the doctor you weighed 36lbs and were 36.5" tall.  You're finally potty training.  It hasn't been as bad as I anticipated.  You've had very few accidents but I'm so proud of you.  I'm adding a few pictures of the year.  Some days I'm sad you're growing so fast but it's fun watching you learn new things.  Plus you're still so cuddly and I love that you'll crawl up in my lap and watch a movie with me.
You started sleeping in a big boy bed about a month before you turned 3.  You've done so good so far.  You still need one of us to lay with you to fall asleep but we're slowly working on this.

You got a goldfish as a favor at a birthday party.  (well you actually got 3 but we're down to 1).  You were so excited!

Daddy leased some land to hunt this year and you love going to the property with him.

We went to Alabama's homecoming game and had the best time.  I loved getting to do that with you.  Hopefully it'll be something we get to do every year!

Your first trip to the emergency room.  You busted your chin and we were afraid it needed to be stitched up but it didn't.

Your last night as a two year old.

Your birthday playdate with Jackson and Santa.

You became a big brother!  You were unsure of the arrangement at first but you have warmed up and it is so special watching you love your sister.  I hope yall are always best friends.

Oh these boots.  You're love for these boots has rivaled the love for your bear.  You wore them everyday for about 8 months.  You still wear them occasionally but it's really hot these days so you've moved on to your sandals.

You're a little dramatic and still throw fits.  It's usually because you don't get enough sleep or you're hungry but it still happens.

We got a kitten.  You sit and play with Meow every afternoon.  It's really sweet.

Oh the bunny mask!

You love popsicles and having fun!

I took this picture for AveryAnn's 4 month update post.  You almost always want to get in on her monthly pictures. You're so sweet.  You are so proud of her. Anytime we're out you make sure everyone sees her and they don't miss her.  One of my favorite times this happened was at church.  I went up for communion, you were walking up for a blessing and I had AveryAnn in my arms, Deacon Tim gave you a blessing and as soon as you said Amen you pointed to my arms and said "don't forget sister". My eyes filled with tears, it was the sweetest moment.  Even Deacon Tim was taken back by how sweet it was.  I hope you always look out for her in this scary world. 
I'm so proud of you!  We are looking forward to seeing you continue grow and learn even though it's sometimes bittersweet! We love you so much!

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