Friday, June 3, 2016

The bunny mask

Last week Barrett had a safari themed party to celebrate the end of the year at Mother's Day Out.  It was so cute they had a man come and bring all kinds of animals for the kids to look at and touch.  Barrett wasn't thrilled with most of the animals, he talked about the pig mostly.  However, they gave them these masks and he has just about worn the thing out.  His teacher said he chose the bunny for AveryAnn. 
He wore it for two straight days.
It was the funniest thing.
I started documenting it on snapchat.
Our entire story for those two days was Barrett in this mask.
He fell asleep in the car with it on.
That night we went to my parents for my Mom's birthday.  I was locking the door and I turned around and saw this and I about died.
He even managed to cry with it on.

Eating lunch and watching Paw Patrol.
Taking a nap. 
I had to write this post for memories sake.  The bunny mask still makes an appearance every now and then and it still makes me laugh so hard.

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