Thursday, June 2, 2016

Newborn Pictures

I'm finally posting AveryAnn's newborn pictures.  I wanted to wait until her birth announcements went out and they've been out for over a month so I guess I can finally post these.
One thing I didn't do when Barrett was born that I regret to this day is have newborn pictures.  So I started looking for a photographer not long after I found out I was pregnant.  One thing I noticed quickly was newborn photography is expensive.  I'm picky about photography.  I don't want to pay a fortune and not like the pictures.  Also I knew I didn't want to pay a fortune because I really wanted a just a few pictures of the baby and mostly pictures of us.  We will have enough of the baby, I wanted some with me in them.  A friend of mine has used this photographer and I've been around her at several events and always loved her work.  I contacted her and her prices were reasonable so we set up a time.   She's so easy to work with and I love these pictures.

So much love.  I love that she got some with Ally. 

This is my favorite of us.
I feel like it truly reflects my feelings at that moment about motherhood this time around.

Love this one.  I see this one on display at her wedding some day.

Sweet chunky monkey.

Barrett was in a mood.  He was all about his sister and then he didn't want anything to do with her.  I was a little upset but I love the shots she got.

She captured his personality perfectly.

He finally asked to hold her and we got these cute ones.

This one might be my favorite.  It's like he's thinking "I'm not sure what we've gotten ourselves into."

Here's her website if you're local and interested. 

I can't recommend her enough.  So easy to work with!


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She's one of my favorite photographers too!

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