Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Bye Bye Wes!

Thank you Jillian! You've finally seen the true Wes we have all been warning you about! I just wonder how you felt listening to his exit interview. I also wonder if you talked to Jake to tell him that you finally saw what he had been warning you about. I really like all three guys left.
Kiptyn... I think you may have blown it saying that you probably wouldn't propose at the end of this! She had made it very clear she is here for a ring!
Ed...had you never left I would say that you have it in the bag. I think she is scared that you will still choose your job over her in the real world!

Reid...I think you are the best choice for Jillian. I am afraid that she thinks you may be a bit immature but if you really think about it she is too. You are my favorite now!

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A mom and one princess said...

I like Reid but gosh he is nerdy!! I really like Kiptyn so hopefully she will look over the fact he would not be ready to give her a ring. But I have a feeling you are so right about all 3 of the guys!!