Monday, July 13, 2009

Memories of my Granny

On July 3 my great-grandmother, "Granny" as we called her, passed away. It really didn't seem reality until her funeral this weekend! I hadn't seen her in a few years. She lived in Texas and was unable to travel. My dad got up and spoke at the funeral. We didn't know he was going to speak. He read a letter that he had written to Granny a few years ago while she could still remember the things he wrote about. The letter was simply titles "Memories of my Grandmother"and it was the sweetest tribute to such a wonderful person. He spoke of meals she cooked that noone could recreate! He spoke of toys and trips. She was such a special person. That I thought I would creat a list of some of my favorite memories of her!

  • Lima beans! She made the best lima beans and my dad tries and tries but they are not the same!
  • The Hot-Wheels track. She had feet and feet of track we would build a huge ramp and watch them fly.
  • Cherry winks!
  • Bubble lights on the tree at Christmas!
  • My sister and I spent the night with her at the assisted living home (she lived there before she went to Texas) and she told us we'd better bring our own breakfast because she wasn't getting up early enough for breakfast in the dining room!
  • Her sweet little laugh. I can still see her smile when I think of her!

Her service was so personal and sweet! She was an avid gardener so my dad felt it fitting that he go and cut flowers out of his yard, he learned his gardening tips from her, for the blanket and it was beautiful!

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