Friday, July 31, 2009


SHOW US YOUR LIFE Friday! Today over at Kelly's Korner is show your wedding party and wedding flowers! I am so excited because I love, love, loved my flowers! They were exactly what I wanted! Each bridesmaid carried a bouquet of roses that were all one color but each bouquet was a different color. I carried all the colors plus white. This was inspired by the arrangement that my dad send my mom the day I was born!The arrangement was roses that were all different colors. Mom says it was the most beautiful arrangement she'd ever seen ( I don't really remember seeing as I was only a day old!). On my 21st birthday my parents sent me 21 roses that were all different colors. Which got us talking about the day I was born! My dad was telling the story of the flowers from when I was born and my mom chimed in with "He had to get them all different colors because it as Saturday and none of the florists had 12 of one color!" Then my dad, a little taken back by her statement, said "Actually I ordered them that way!" So I knew that I wanted all different color roses for my wedding!
I chose black dresses for the bridesmaids because we have red carpet in the church and all the colors I wanted would have clashed very badly! I don't have any photos of us all together dressed! My sister was my maid of honor. Two of my bridesmaids were my roommates from Alabama. The 4th was my sister-in-law. One of my bridesmaids got married in July of 2008 so we chose a simple black dress for the bridesmaids so that we could wear them again in her wedding. It worked wonderfully. She bought a green sash and had them monogrammed for us to wear in her wedding so the dresses looked a lot different!
I wish I had more photos on my computer from the big day but I don't :(!
I wanted a "timeless" looking wedding. I didn't want to look back in 20 years and be able to tell that we got married in 2008! I think with the black and roses it really gave the whole wedding the "timeless" feel I was going for!
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Erica said...

i love the idea of the different color roses! that is so something i would do :) and i bet all the different colored bouquets looked awesome w/ the black dresses, what a great idea

M. Horton said... was beautiful! I loved the elegance of the roses and the black dresses!