Friday, July 10, 2009

Fourth of July Lake Photos finally!

Ally is all packed up and ready to go!Dad and Porter swinging!
Sweet Baby Harper enjoying some bubbles!
The only picture of her red, white and blue bathing suit!
"Good Morning!" He is the sweetest child in the morning! He would come out of his room and start waving at Ally to play with him! It was the cutest thing!
Our view at sunset. (This is actually the east sky but it was still so beautiful! )
Drew and Harper!
She was checking everyone out while they were riding the bicycle!
Probably trying to escape!
After she went swimming. She didn't enjoy it too much!
Getting ready to swim!
Harper's first swim in the lake! She loved it!

Sweet Ally!!!
My big brother, Patrick, riding his little bike!
"I'm on a boat!"
Ava Jane on the boat!
Mark on the wakeboard!

I think he was trying to hide from me under his hat!
Mark and Porter!

A random peacock we saw on the way home. It apparently doesn't like to have his picture made because he started squaking at us when we stopped!

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