Saturday, September 19, 2009

3-0!! Roll Tide Roll!

Well the Crimson Tide Rolled over the North Texas Mean Green (is that seriously a mascot?) 53-7. Our starting quarterback didn't play the entire second half. It was a good game. The most points scored by an Alabama team since 1991. Looks like we are where we need to be for our SEC opener next week against Arkansas.
Patrick started his vacation today and I have to say it has been so nice having him here and awake. He usually sleeps all day on Saturday. We grilled out and watched football all day long. First was Alabama, then we watched Florida beat Tennessee, now it's Georgia at Arkansas (we've gotta see what we're up against next week! We'll watch the Auburn game as soon as they get started (they are in a lighting delay)!
My husband the Exterminator! We had a small wasp attack while trying to grill!
What do you kill wasps with if you have no wasp spray?
Well, Greased Lighting of course!
Ally woke up from her nap to see what was going on!
She decided to stay and help her daddy grill hamburgers!

Wanting to know when hers will be done!
Isn't she just the cutest little helper!

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