Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Daycation: Atlanta

Since Patrick is on vacation all week we decided we didn't want to go on a long vacation so we decided to take a day trip to Atlanta. Well of course the day we decide to go has to be day of the worst flood metro Atlanta has seen in close to 100 years.

We dropped Ally off at my parents house, we called the aquarium to make sure they were open (since many of the schools and such in the area had closed due to the weather). They said they were open and that all the roads from Birmingham were open the traffic was just very slow. So we thought we'd just go ahead and give it a try! We got there no problem. It rained a lot but we made it! We parked and got in without getting rained on and thought nothing more of the weather.

This is by far my best shot of the day I think! This is exactly what the jellyfish look like in the tank!We loved the American Alligators!The Elephant fish!The Asian Small-Clawed Otter! Japanese Spider Crab with an Anemone growing on its shell!This is the Ocean Voyager Tank. It is more that six million gallons of saltwater. It holds stingrays, mant rays, hammer-head, sand and whale sharks, giant grouper. It was really big!They have 4 of the giant whale sharks. To date these sharks are the largest package shipped by UPS!Giant Grouper

The Aquarium was very neat. We were a little disappointed but I think we had very high expectations. When you state things like the "largest aquarium in the world", and "largest coral reefs in the world" we were thinking way big. Well it wasn't as big as we thought. We should have done a little more research. We went through the entire aquarium in about 2 hours. We were were leaving it was pouring down rain. You couldn't see anything. Since we didn't have an umbrella we decided to buy one (it didn't look like it was going to let up anytime soon and we didn't want to waste the time waiting on it to stop!) We also bought the souvenir photo they take of you when you enter the aquarium. Between the photo and the umbrella we spent like $50 on crap! We are the best tourists ever!

* Maybe I was a bit harsh on my criticism. It was really neat. Just not as large as we thought it was going to be!

Since it didn't take us as long as we'd thought it would to go through the aquarium we decided that we'd go to the World of Coke museum. Patrick had been when he was in school and I'd never been so we went. It was neat! You get to taste all the Coke products of the world. Some were good... some were not! I really enjoyed it!
This sign pretty much sums up the trip! Luckily we got out of there when we did... they ended up closing a part of I-20 because of flooding!

Finally we ended they day with dinner at Carrabbas!

Tuesday we enjoyed our left overs from Carrabba's with our glass bottled cokes! Nothing beats a glass bottled coke!
* I'm trying to get all the photos on here but it's being weird. As soon as I get all the kinks worked out I'll post them so check back tomorrow!


Rachel said...

That's awesome! We love dates in Atlanta - it's such a great place to go!

Becca's Dirt said...

That sounds like a great time except for the flooding rains. I love coke in bottles. Coca-Cola messed up when they changed the taste of coke back in the 70's (I think it was the 70's). I love going to Atlanta. I found your blog on Alabama Bloggers. How neat! Becca

Maggie said...

Thanks for the comments. My husband and I also love the bottled cokes. YOu forget how good they are when you don't have them often!