Saturday, September 26, 2009

Game Day

We are heading down to T-Town to watch the tide in their SEC opener! We will be taking on the Arkansas Razorbacks.


The tailgate is pork themed. I'm making hogs {pigs} in a blanket!!! Arkansas has one of the top ranked offenses in the country and Bama has one of the top ranked defenses. It should make for a very good game! Please let the rain hold off! I'm taking my 5 year old niece to sit with me! She is the only Alabama fan in her family of 6! Her mom is a die hard Auburn fan but we've managed to convince Ava that Bama is the right choice. We took her to a game last year and once she got over the shock of all the people she loved it. It didn't take her long to start screaming Roll Tide!

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