Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Long Weekend

Well the holiday weekend has come to a close. It was a good one to say the least. Lots of rain here... I mean more rain than I have seen in a very long time.
Patrick and I had to go to a wedding Saturday that was supposed to be outdoors. That was a washout. Luckily they had a rain plan and the bride was very easy going. I ended up wearing a purple dress... I felt like I was betraying my team wearing purple on gameday but once it was over I quickly went home and put on my gameday shirt. It was a great day to sit inside and watch football. I went to some friends house to watch the game. Patrick had to go to work. I always feel bad when he has to go to work and I get to do fun stuff.

I was very pleased with our team. If only for the fact that we came on strong in the 4th quarter (which is not typical for us). I have confidence in the new QB Greg McElroy. He knows he isn't the best but he wants very badly to be the best. He seems to really take in everything around him and build on it. I really like him. I can't mention the game and not talk about Brandon Deaderick, who was shot on Monday night in an attempted robbery and played Saturday. Talk about dedication! I can't wait to head to Tuscaloosa Saturday for the home opener. Roll Tide!
Sunday I went to church and to Wal-Mart. They are renovating Wal-Mart and it is a nightmare. I hurried to get the things I needed and got out of there! The afternoon was filled with football, naps, and then the race. Monday we went to Patrick's niece's 4th birthday party at the splash pad. Which is very entertaining if you have children...we don't so it's a tad bit boring. All the kids had a great time though. Then we went to Patrick's parents his mom had cooked enough food for an army. I am still miserable today after all the food I ate yesterday. It is always so good when so cooks so I always eat way to much.
Did everyone have a great holiday? I hope you all get plenty of rest and relaxation!

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