Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fall and Hardwoods

About 4 months ago Patrick and I started throwing around the idea of putting in hardwoods in our main traffic areas.  We knew we wanted to get rid of the carpet in our living room and on our stairs before the baby was born because it was so nasty between our dog and the previous owners dog it was just gross.  We had laminate in our foyer and hall.  At first we thought we'd just take up the living room carpet and put the wood there for now. We thought that was all we'd be able to afford.  Patrick was going to do the work but the more we thought about it he decided he would rather just pay someone and have less done.  Well after Patrick talked to a contractor friend to get some names we were able to buy some wood that he had left over from his own home he just finished building.  It turned out it was exactly what I wanted.  It was perfect.  We plan on staying in our home for a while so we decided we should go ahead and make upgrades that we can enjoy but will still hopefully give us a return on our investment when we do sale.
It turned out more beautiful than we could have ever imagined.  We both absolutely love it!  Ally on the other hand hates it.  She can't jump on any of the furniture unless we put a rug or blanket in front of it.  It usually takes her two tries to get up the stairs but she's learning. We want to get some sort of rug for under the coffee table but haven't found one yet.
Looking down the hall from the nursery.  This is probably the most true color of the floor.

Looking down the hall into the nursery.  You can sneak a peak of the paint color in the nursery!

Going down the stairs.  We still have to paint the trim.

The foyer

Fall wreath!

Living room.  Kinda blurry.

Living room.
More fall decorations, my mercury glass on the coffee table filled with pumpkins!

I love these pumpkins and my fall flowers. 
I think thats all.  We were so thrilled with how the floors turned out.  We feel like the room is cozier without the carpet. I'm also so excited it's starting to feel more like fall!  It'll be Christmas before we know it! Then time for a baby!!!

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