Monday, September 24, 2012

Harper's First Bama Game

Saturday we got to take the kids to the game!  They were so excited!  Porter and Ava have been to a game before but this would be Harper's first game.  You can read about Ava's first game here and Porter's first game here.

I took this of the kids before we walked to the game.  Porter was so excited he started asking around noon what time we were heading to the game.  Dad took them on a walk to the quad and they saw the real Big Al.  Around 3:30 we finally headed to the stadium.  Dad took Ava and Porter with him.  Harper wanted to sit with Hope and me but really just Hope :)  The band was on the field when we got there and the team was approaching the tunnel.  I showed her where they were on the field and she was so excited.  She shook her shaker in every direction possible. 
I love this picture, can you tell she's having fun?

After we scored twice she started to get bored.  So I took her down to see the cheerleaders.  We were almost on the jumbotron. She was following directions and not climbing on the fence and they showed the kid right next to her that was climbing on it.  Luckily she didn't know she was so close to being on.

Not long after we returned to our seats, she passed out in Hope's lap.  We watched the band at halftime and headed back to John's apartment.  When we walked in she looked at me as said "Where'd everybody go?"  I guess she thought she was missing out on a party at the apartment.
I love getting to share these moments with these kiddos.  I always feel so emotional sharing these moments.  I felt the exact same way with Harper as I did with Ava.  When she started cheering my eyes just welled with emotion.  I didn't cry cause I didn't want Hope to think I was a lunatic (which I'm pretty sure she already knows I am!)
One of my favorite parts of tailgating has always been after the game when everyone slowly comes back to eat again and talk about the game. 
All in all it was a great gameday.  I'm ready for this Saturday even though it's going to be a late one.
Roll Tide!

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