Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2012 Ornaments

Y'all know I love Christmas ornaments. I love these little reminders of the events of the year.  We received several ornaments this year.  I love to document them here each year.  
I told Patrick for Christmas I wanted an ornament to remember the Christmas I was pregnant.  He bought these two to mark the occasion.  

I bought these reindeer ornaments last year after Christmas to give all my aunts and girl cousins on my mom's side. I thought they were so pretty!

I told mom she didn't have to get the Barbie this year but then we saw that it was the last one in the series so we had to buy it. 

I got this cute Santa in a red truck at the ornament swap with Patrick's aunts.

The rest of the new ornaments are all for Barrett.  We received a lot of  "First Christmas" ornaments and it made my heart happy.  This rocking horse was from the Horton's. 
My mom wanted to buy this so badly all season.  I kept saying no that this wasn't his first Christmas.  Well after Christmas she sent my dad to track it down and he did.  Plus, since it was after Christmas it was half price so he got this cute one (below) that you put a picture in because I have one with my picture in it.  
I guess you can tell we haven't put Barrett's picture in it yet. 
I bought this Mickey Mouse one because it was the first in the series and I wanted to go ahead and start a series.  Plus I love Mickey and I thought it was really cute.

My aunt and uncle gave us these cute ones that say "Dad" and "Mom" 2012. To mark our first Christmas as parents. 

Patrick's parents also gave him this beautiful Lenox "Baby's First Christmas" rattle.  

So that's a run down of all our new ornaments for 2012.  I still have our tree up and all our decorations.  I feel like Christmas never happened.  I'll get it put up eventually.  

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